Workshop Themes

Data. Tools. Sharing.

Data Collection and Curation
How do you collect, curate, and discover the data that you need?
theme chairs: Stacey Harper, Yoram Cohen, Peter Schad

  • Databases for storing and managing data
  • Instrumentation and techniques
  • Lab automation for high throughput collection
  • Nanomaterials property data
  • Nanometrology to support nanoinformatics
  • Ontologies and taxonomies for information discovery
  • Quality control
  • Tools for data collection from literature

Tools and Methods for Data Innovation, Analysis, and Simulation
What are you doing with the data/information and how are you doing it?
theme chairs: Michael McLennan, Mark Tuominen, Anne Chaka

  • Data mining
  • Gap analysis tools
  • Knowledge extraction
  • Literature analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Open source
  • Predictive multiscale models
  • Semantic search and analysis
  • Visual analytics
  • Workflow tools

Data Accessibility and Information Sharing
What are the cultural, legal, and ethical barriers to sharing data within the nano community?
theme chairs: Mark Hoover, Michele Ostraat, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen

  • Annotation and attribution (citation analysis, DOIs)
  • Cultural dynamics of data sharing and access
  • Governance and Regulation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interoperability and federation
  • Metadata standards/Standards development
  • Open Access /Open Data
  • Proprietary information and grey data