Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships

This QSARs theme explores the growing field of computational models that can predict the properties, toxicities, and other biological activities of nanoscale materials.

Minimum Required Characteristics

The MinChar theme will center on the minimum characterization information necessary to support nanomaterial identification sufficient for studying and understanding nanomaterial physical, chemical, and biological behaviors. Special emphasis will be on establishing QSARs. It is anticipated that the minimum information required will be both nanomaterial ‘class’ specific and discipline dependent. Perspectives from a broad range of experts will be assembled to provide background context on the issues, needs, and current practices in various sectors, e.g., occupational health, nanotoxicology, biomedical research, nanomaterials applications and performance, and sustainable nanomanufacturing. Sector-specific case studies and examples are invited on assays, approaches, and degrees of rigor needed to define both intrinsic nanomaterial properties (such as chemical composition) and conditional nanomaterial behaviors (such as nanomaterial dissolution in biological media).