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Pilot projects are intended to demonstrate the feasibility and showcase the impact of nanoinformatics on specific, tightly-focused topics. Cooperative efforts can demonstrate successful implementation of projects with low investment and significant results, while laying the groundwork for later, more extensive efforts.

To the maximum extent possible, these pilots will leverage cooperative activities already funded and underway. In some cases, new resources will be needed to realize pilot activity. In all cases, each proposed pilot is not intended to duplicate a similar effort that may be of interest to a particular funding agency. Rather, it is the intent that each proposed pilot be adopted or absorbed by one or more funding source, and that, through affiliation with this Nanoinformatics Roadmap community, each pilot is provided with more comprehensive set of expert resources and a platform from which to achieve and showcase progress.

Eleven pilots proposed during the workshop have been consolidated into seven complementary, one-year pilot projects, described below. Two of them are concerned with engagement; two are focused on metadata and standards; and three are geared toward tools development and deployment. As “one-year” pilots, they are expected to make some definitive progress within the first year of activity. This does not preclude ongoing work or future activities. The “one-year” designation is a helpful mechanism to spur focused activity within each group.

Engagement Pilots

Consortium for Coordinating Nanomaterials Research Data

Workshops for Focused Nanomaterials Development Using Nanoinformatics

Metadata and Standards Pilots

Meta-ontology for Cross-discipline, Cross-sector Information Exchange

Minimum Information Requirements for Data Sharing (Completeness and Quality)

Tools Pilots

Meta-crawler for Mining Repositories and Open Access Sources

nano-SAR Education and Dissemination

Simulation Resources and Simulation Challenge